BlueParrott Enterprise

Engineered for superior communication in high-noise environments

BlueParrott is a leader in intelligent, noise-cancelling audio solutions. We engineer the world’s best microphones and combine them with unrivaled noise-cancelling technology to deliver superior call quality in high-noise environments. BlueParrott’s focus on crystal-clear conversations helps teams collaborate and communicate, improving their productivity and safety on the job.


We empower teams to work in ways that work best for them. Users can choose a wearing style and fit that gives them all-day comfort, and the Parrott Button™ enables headset features to be customized. VoiceControl™ gives hands-free access to a wide range of services, and Multipoint Pairing means teams can seamlessly switch between two simultaneously connected devices, helping them stay productive and ensuring calls aren’t interrupted.


Teams can stream audio and navigation directions from any Bluetooth® device and enjoy more than 24 hours talk time and Micro-USB charging to keep the conversation going. All part of our commitment to making life sound better.